Nendo Studio creates tableware for those who appreciate the concept of "ART OF LIVING"  
      with modern contemporary design, nature feeling, rustic look paired with functionality.  
      We believe in the integrity of our products by hand-crafting and hand-glazing all products.  
      Our products are based on creativity, innovation and style.  
      Design Concept  
      Nendo means clay in Japanese  
      I have a strong background in Japanese Arts. I was an artist in residece for over 8 months at  
      Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park in Shigaraki, Japan. I had perceived Japanese atmosphere  
      and art aesthetic. Art in Japan is bounded by the Zen Buddhism. Its philosophy is based on  
      the concept of "Wabi-Sabi", which means "Property found in Proverty". It can also be  
      interpreted as "Fing Ugly in Beauty or simple thing can be beautiful".  
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