About Nendo Studio  

Nendo Studio is a Ceramic Art & Craft Studio and gallery where people of all ages can come in and enjoy themselves in a warm, fun, inviting, creative art environment. This fully-equipped ceramics studio boasts world-class facilities and is host to a wide variety of courses and workshops throughout the year. All classes are entirely hands-on and taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructor.

Clay is a marvelous material to work with, and pottery is a craft that involves total hands on experience. Come learn the art and craft of clay at Nendo Studio, where we offer classes for children and adults. Whatever your age or level of expertise, from beginner to fine artist, pottery has something enjoyable and challenging to offer for everyone.

At Nendo Studio we teach a wide range of pottery projects that can be functional or artistic. They are fun to make and can be adapted to suit your own designs as you progress. It is our goal at Nendo Studio to provide an open, nurturing, and organized environment where you can get in touch with your creativity.

In our adult classes, students learn a variety of hand building techniques including clay slab, pinching, coiling, molds and glazing. Children can experience the joy of clay in hand building classes from ages 7 to 16. We offer students encouragement, personal guidance, and fun projects that help build self-esteem and confidence. Classes are small with a maximum of 10 students. We also offer Special Courses and Workshops, a fun and creative program events for all interesting people.
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